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Training Design


  • Clear Learning Outcomes: Exactly what your audience will learn, and why it matters to them 

  • Annotated Agenda: A step-by-step road map outlining exactly how they will master the content 

  • Training Materials: Webinar, PowerPoint, online course, or
    e-book to most effectively deliver your core content 

  • Facilitation Guide: Talking points, discussion questions, and prompts to reinforce and support deep learning

  •  1:1 Coaching: Virtual time with me to build your skill and expertise as the training facilitator

Leaders are made, not born.


With extensive experience designing highly effective training and professional development across industries, I am committed to crafting an agenda and scope of learning activities that meaningfully engages your audience, makes the learning process fun, and most importantly, ensures that participants leave having mastered critical knowledge and skills.

Whether you are onboarding new team members, training clients in a new skill, or deepening the expertise and leadership of your top performers, I look forward to working with you to build a customized training or professional development experience that accomplishes your unique goals. 

Training Design

Meeting design

Make More of Every Minute.


My proven approach to highly effective meeting design will increase productivity by keeping your meeting focused on outcomes, strengthen relationships and team culture, and ensure that you get the most out of your greatest asset - your people. 

Whether you are planning a board meeting, strategy session, retreat, or workshop, I am eager to take the design and preparation for these specialized meetings off your plate, and provide you with everything you need for success.



  • Well-Defined Goals: Exactly what will be accomplished during the meeting, and why it matters for success

  • Detailed Agenda: A step-by-step road map for how you’ll accomplish your meeting goals together, timed down to the minute to ensure no moment is wasted

  • Meeting Materials: Webinar, PowerPoint, or other format to most effectively structure your meeting in pursuit of your unique goals

  • Facilitation Guide: Talking points, discussion questions, and prompts to drive towards your outcomes while leveraging every voice in the room

  • 1:1 Coaching: Virtual time with me to build your skill and expertise as the meeting facilitator

Meeting Design

Content creation

For your stand-alone needs.

Looking for a little help with materials preparation for a meeting or training, but not in need of a comprehensive design service?


No problem, I can help. Let me leverage my background in journalism and business to take content creation off your plate. I look forward to supporting you with:

  • One Pagers

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Memos

  • Talking Points

  • Board Books

  • Handouts

  • Onboarding Materials

  • Welcome Packets

  • ...and any other content creation needs!

Think I may be well-suited to help you with a project that's a little different than what I've outlined above? 


Please reach out! I’m always happy to customize my work to meet the needs of my clients.

Content Creation
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